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Release 5-19

As FENTY breaks the mold in the traditional luxury business model, the brand will unveil regular releases to highlight each new capsule.  The first release highlights the work and mesage of photographer Kwame Brathwaite, a documentarian fo the Black Is Beautiful movement of the 1960's and 1970's.

In addition to being the son of Bajan parents, the esteemed photographer also shares a surname with Rihanna's mother's side oof her family deriving from her grandfather Lionel Brathwaite.

Embracing the message on natural beauty and boundless strength, FENTY juxtaposes contemporary portraits of incredible black women and men alongside powerful pictures fromo Brathwaite's archive where he championed wmoen and men who refused to settle into society's version of beauty. Creating a connection and a dialogue between past and present, FENTY pays homage too Brathwaite's work and message by championing diversity, feminnity, and the power of black women and men.

The Release 5-19 launch project features the work of Kwame Brathwaite and British photographer Jack Davison.

Discover the release on FENTY.com from May 29th.



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